Indian citizen Khushboo Cousle publishes the post of Social Network “Facebook”, which addresses the Georgian ambassador to India Archil Dzuliashvili.

“I am a citizen of India, a single woman who works in an advertising agency, decided to leave a vacation in Georgia, the history of the country was quite fascinating for Garage doors Edmonton¬† me, and I will fly from Mumbai five in the morning to five o’clock in Tbilisi, and I have an electronic visa, employer’s letter He wrote that I had to spend a vacation I came back and

We have to return to the Bank Extract to prove financial stability, hotel reservation, insurance and all necessary documents.

When checking my passport, I was surprised to find that I had to go to the desk to check my documents. After half an hour waiting, one of the officers began to inquire about my visit. Then I left for two hours in the waiting mode for cold, uncomfortable iron chairs for emigrants. I had been in Tbilisi for three hours and I had no information about the airport at the airport, I decided to check my status and they told me that they were traveling back. When I asked for a reason, they shouted and told me that I had to sit in the corner.

It was the most diligent night start in my life Edmonton garage doors  . Every time when you were going to question the emigration officer, I was screaming in response and harshly told me to sit in the corner. I do not know what was my guilt, the worst was that I was alone and I realized that I was lying about the information that you are friendly people in the country. Proceed

The Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the Indian citizen. According to the statement of the Ministry, when crossing the state border of Georgia, the border guards have the right to grant the right to refuse a foreign citizen to enter Georgia when a citizen does not provide convincing answers or authorizes the fraudulent information about the purpose of travel.

“In parallel with the growing number of tourists and other visitors in Georgia, there are natural cases when foreign citizens refuse entry into the country in accordance with procedures and international standards provided by law.
Procedures for crossing the Georgian border by foreign citizens are especially controlled after the enactment of visa liberalization.

It is noteworthy that in June 2017, the state border of India crossed over 6517 citizens.

In the course of the crossing of the Georgian state border, the border guard controller has the right to grant the right to refuse a foreign citizen to enter Georgia when a citizen does not provide convincing answers during interviews or gives false information about the purpose of travel.

Citizens are checked in border crossing points using the world-wide, universally recognized methods. The same procedures are carried out by Georgian citizens at the crossing of borders of other countries.

It should be noted that in June of the current year, the unprecedented increase in the number of tourists in Georgia has increased by 43% compared to the same period of last year, “- said in the Edmonton garage doors repair¬†statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.