The timely and operative trail of crime-expert criminals is crucial, because it is very often that they are found guilty by the evidence obtained. It is always crucial for the case to find the proper place of the accident, accurate description of the facts, accurate description of the facts, the visible or unseen evidence of the

garage doors  incident, in order that law enforcement officers will not be able to strengthen the case with the evidence and punish the offender.

In almost every case, the expert-criminalists are trying to find evidence that they have taken for investigation. As expert Nikoloz Lezhava

He says he always keeps Garage doors repair Calgary track of the crime scene. The main thing is to find a trace and remove it by all the rules.

Nikoloz Lezhava works as a deputy head of Tbilisi Forensic Criminal Investigation Division and has been participating in numerous cases for years. He says he was interested in criminality, so he chose expertise. However, you will agree that this is not an easy profession, especially when you come to the place of murder, you see the body in front of you and you know that you should not miss anything in this situation because it is important to open all the crimes. The excerpt was given to the magazine “Way”
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From the interview:

– When all the guilty offends, why does this trace remain? I would like to talk about Magda Papidze’s case, in this case Papidze tried to remove all traces. As announced, you can find a blood spots in the apartment by special solutions. Could you tell us more about this case?
– Despite the removal of blood transfusions, powder can be determined by blood tests. This tool is very well visible. By chemical means we know where the blood was in place. The offender may ideally clean the place of the accident, but it leaves the trace. I can not recall any case of murder, no trace left.
I can not tell you details about Papidze’s case. It was Calgary garage doors repair very interesting to work on the criminal case in the criminal case, as there were many visible and visible invisible evidence. It was a large work and resulted in an offense. We often work as investigators as well as the kinology service.

One fact was the robbery, the amount of money to the person was kidnapped. The fingerprint was identified by the doctor and the dog followed the odor and so we went to this person’s home, and then the investigation charged him with this man and confirmed that he was guilty of the crime. In the course of the murder often comes DNA profile, biological sample of the killer and so on. The psychology of the criminal is such, it seems that they will do everything they can not understand. Everything can happen, use protective means, make the alibi, but believe me, the trace remains and this crime is solved.

– Then why do we have unseen crimes?
– Many crimes have been opened. Only a fingerprint can not be opened by a criminal case. However, the trace and evidence obtained from the scene of the accident are very important and the criminals are established. However, this does not mean that only a trace out of the scene of the accident is a crime. There are many other factors in the opening of the crime. First of all, investigative authorities, investigators work, operational information and many other things. Many crimes can be opened, but I can not remember a serious crime that has not been opened recently.

– Do you know the details of the case of cannibalism, tell us what to discover there?
– It was a very difficult case, we visited the scene of the place and the territories of the various criminals, we have seen many invisible footprints and taken away. This investigation also helped in opening the crime. (See full details)