13-year-old Nikusa and 2-year-old Mariam mother died a year ago. Children grow up with their grandmothers. The family has a socially unprotected status, living in an emergency home and eating food from a free diner.
Mary is grateful and cheerful. Nikusi is much bigger than Dicok and thus, his

Toronto garage doors repair  thoughts and thoughts are different. There is no childish lamp, no longer burning … and you will not be able to recognize her thoughts. On the face, the eyes of the spider reads. And it’s sad, it’s kind of painful, it’s a pain that can be easily observed even for an eye-watching eye.

Tsiala Tsuriashvili, Nikkas and Mariam grandmother:
– The wife was 8 years ago. Last July 30, my son died and I had 2 orphans. We live in extreme poverty. The house is damaged, the walls are totally cracked.

– Do not children have a father?
– My daughter was in second marriage. The first wife was separated years ago, and she has a sister, Mary, from her second wife. My son never feels responsible for his family, he loves alcohol. They lived here and lived there. Then my son got a tumor on the chest. Initially, he did not even have money to get to the doctor, and when he dared to come, he had no formal shape.
Mary’s father works in the cleaning service. If you meet us on the street accidentally, you will talk, take your hand, make sense.

– Do not you have the alimony?
– I have already prepared the documents and have not paid for it yet and hopefully we will soon get legal issues, we have a treasured attorney.

– Do not you feel any social responsibility before your child?
– What responsibilities do I speak to you? I had my sick son, and I had a doctor, I did not even buy it. There was no bread in the house.
I still loved my girl and was very bad at the door, but she did not come. Once in twoToronto garage doors days. Soon after Ano died, four times he came. When I say reprimand, I have nothing to do with … My son worked all over, he was sitting in the London garden and sold sweets, bubbles.

– What is your income today?
– We have socially vulnerable status and we get 180 GEL, plus 10 GEL per child. 37 years I worked in a maternity room and I abandoned children whom I would leave I do not have pension age too.
During my staying, Nickshaw was so aggressive that I never met him. She has a very sad eyes. He told me that he had graduated from 7 classes. When she had a mother, she was dancing, she was forced to leave.

– Nickshaw, how do you study at school?
– on average. I do not know what profession I have. I love most Georgian and geography.

– what are you dreaming about?
– I want the phone, too, like my friends, but …

– but what?
– I have no one who can ask and sell. I want to have a phone like that on the Internet. I’m still dreaming about black jeans and new shirts.

Tsiala Tsuriashvili:
– Nikkei was coming back from school: the teacher tells us to find information on the internet. So where do I learn? Because of this the mother was very nervous. I went to Ms. Rima Beradze, a member of the Sakrebulo, and explained to me the trouble and helped me very much, even oncology, Nichusha’s laptop, but we have no internet.
Nickausa has not seen father. I did not find anything on my mother, it was hard for me to ask, I could not find a form and I did not want to remind him of pain again. So I started talking with Mrs. Tsiala.
– Nickausa had difficult days, was silent, did not get a vote.

– Mother often reminds me
– Of course, she remembers and when she tells the truth she still

Garage doors repair Toronto swears her mother. If you’re thinking of something, he remembers that Ano bought it.

– Mariam?
– Mary is still waiting for her mother. Knowing that the mother is gone in the sky and hears the sound of the plane, she will walk in the courtyard, hold her hand and call me, my mother! 3rd of July will be on 8th July. When we go to the cemetery with the bus, he finds the place, Mina’s little hysteria and says: “The mother is there, the mother is there!” When I tell my mother to go to the cemetery, before we go to the store to buy bread or a free canteen, we start crying first to go to my mother. At the tomb, you kiss me when you kiss me, you’re fine. And if I do not obey the clothes and do not obey me, even then my mother asks me to be very sorry.
Food from a free diner It is true that the norm set there is not enough, but it is still a relief. For example, when the day of Gupta, one piece of one gift is given to one person. There is no bread on Mary, it does not belong, so it takes only 1 meal per day.

– As if my son was alive, my son was smitten by a hot soup and now has spots on his body, scarves, but we do not have the necessary ointment … I can not pay a communal fee, do not I have children in winter? I have a wooden stove, sometimes I find something in the street, and I collect some cones. I am ashamed, I can not speak about my hardship till the end.
She has health problems too. He was able to go to the doctor,