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The great sun in Chiatura, born for love, with bright rays!

The great sun in Chiatura, born for love, with bright rays!

Fife’s teacher after the mother probably likes the most! Garage door installation “She is a child of my boyfriend. A small, beautiful girl seemed to grow up, but it’s still small. My mother knows that the child is mentally disabled. Everything has gone through this girl, mother from joy to pain, all hell and all paradise. Everyone replied, from the mob to somebody! Everyone was surprised by the curiosity. In the meantime, it became stronger and the cup became short. A beautiful woman is my friend, beautiful and powerful! A little good girl grows up and never cries! Do not worry, you understand? Do not worry about someone else’s healthy children … Do you know what I found? Such children are covered by God. Yeah, he was buried: from the bull, the haughty, the greed, the unreasonable ambition. Such children are good and have clean eyes. They do not lie, do not look in the eyes and do not tell the land, do not betray them, do not get the property, they do not get beneath the strong, because they are free! They do not even run in any district, nor do they give false promises, nor are they dismissed, nor know they will be deployed, nor will they see the other’s wife, nor the other’s husbands are Garage doors repair edmonton  clean and that they are.
We are “full of joy” before we eat each other and they love and love us. People with disabilities have the happiness that we can never understand. Do not be afraid, imitate … “- my friend’s emotional words …

Recently, American immigrants transferred my money. I was pleasantly surprised by their desire and intention: parents of children with disabilities never have their own and want to take them to the cabin. The money is dutiful and I accounted for it, for what would have been enough.
Children’s day care center is functioning in Garage doors installation  Sachkhere and has 18 beneficiaries. The staff working there are at lower salaries, and you realize that their love for children with disabilities stops working and not a few tens of thousands of wages! If I am not mistaken, last year we had more than twice the salaries, but the municipal budget “got a belt” …

I do not want to turn my attention to the “pride”, and I’m back to my mini-bookkeeping: the transferred amount was 18 beneficiaries and their parents: to cut the hair, to adjust the eyebrow and paint. Yeah, even more, because at the lowest price (half of the market price) I went to the salon in Chiatura, so transportation and ice-cream “I put in” spending. Three young women work in the cabin. They spent a pre-psychological “moth” and said they were ready for a challenge, in a non-commercial view … The children came from Sachkhere and brought Chiatura to the big sun with bright rays!
The two lines of Alexi’s temperament and Ronaldo’s hairstyle wanted other boys, something like that … the girls were beautiful and their mothers too. You can write an article on each of them, but this time I will pay attention to Giorgi Sheklashvili.
Giorgi is 10 years old, but he brings joy to the magic hurdle and is happy with one big smile! In the morning when the minibus of the day center is visited by rural people, the driver will be hit by Gela and grunts with the grass! If the Patrol crew will appear on the highway, then the safety belt’s locker stops, tries to open, and then gela, “Uncle Policemen.” Gel knows Giorg’s story and does not easily accept the position! The hand is quickly switched by the end of the belt and then passes over the passengers …

If you come to the center of the day, there is already a new “fortress” in the gym of George. The director’s chair is on the machine and manipulates the computer. The director is faked with a strict rigorous allegation that he will release his place, and Giorgi wins this foul duties and is not going to give up his position.
Giorgi’s attitude to Gokhaleeli is a separate talk. Fife’s teacher after the mother probably likes the most! Fifo deserves it!
Giorgi is the youngest in the village of Gori, Shekhalashvili’s family. Senior sisters are 12 and 15 years old. They love their beloved brother very much. Mother is a teacher of history and works in Chorvila, and her father is a driver.
When George wakes up, the first “case” involves the computer. In spite of a small age, the computer is well-equipped with a boy’s boy and specially like vocal-choreographic videos. Imitation comes out well. The video is accompanied by actors, imitating actors and coming positive from the family of Shaklashvili!

Inga, mother of George:
– George taught us all the unselfish love. I still do not know who my son is, what can I expect from him? He was very weak and I have not seen him for 1 month since he was transferred from Sachkhere to Tbilisi … My son fought and survived! I hear from some that my parents leave me and I do not understand how they do it … I have learned about the children who are inferior, and I have greatly strengthened Dr. Irakli Tsitsishvili’s words: “This child has a look at herself! Now there’s a lot to talk about doctors on the doctors and I will never pay the Medicare’s debt. Ana Iakobashvili showed my son with other eyes, and the nurse Tamar Rekhviashvili became so generous that I wanted my younger girl! Dr. Anna Karaulashvili gave me the direction in which I started to integrate my child into society. With his advice I asked the Special Practitioner at school and we were thinking about Gokhale. George now walks to the center of the day where the teacher is a center administrator. The director of this center is in vain



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