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“With such death, my boyfriend was smiling …”

Gia Maisashvili commented on the Facebook page of “Georgian Marsh” and Toronto garage doors repair the creeping occupation:

“If I were to be in Tbilisi, I would not be able to go to Plekh Toronto garage doors anov and be beaten on the chest, asking the government to solve the problem in a legal and civilized manner, in favor of the country and the dignity of human dignity.” Georgian march and universal pressing needs Russian fences. I would go  , but I would not take people, I could not take Russians I would be able to warn the EU delegation, and if the Russian throws, I’m responsible for my blood, and my son and my grandfather have been fighting for the whole world, I’ll leave Shalva my father proudly, always on Plekhanov La large vzhkatsoba not think of something. Courage and the love of the high professionalism of many years, from childhood daily deliberate and thoughtful work, and not the poor people’s instincts for the game and force dzvelbichoba. My people are more than raw meat awaiting animal Garage doors repair Toronto mobs. Wisdom and courage, not forbearing and subversion. This is what our children do. “


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