Spring Replacement Edmonton

Brand new garage door spring replacement

If you have used your garage door for a long time you will start to notice that it’s not working as great as it used to. After being used for a long enough time, torsion spring wears out.  The constant use shortens its life cycle. The torsion spring is set by the manufacturers to last for 10 000 – 15 000 cycles. Each cycle is measured by one garage door opening and closing. Some torsion springs may malfunction even earlier than that, while others would last slightly longer.

The safest and best solution is to contact Mister Master as soon as you notice something is off, or if you notice your garage door doesn’t work as well as it used to. Having malfunctioning garage door spring can be upsetting and in some situation even dangerous.

The best service for garage door spring replacement

We, at Mister Master, are dedicated to outstanding customer service and striving to provide the best service in Edmonton. Our technicians working in various locations in the city and can be on site on a short notice. We work will all types of garage doors and offer the best equipment in the world.

If your door is malfunctioning

Garage door torsion spring may not be the only reason why the door is not working well. There are other related issues and causes that can shorten the life of a garage door. Keep your garage door checked on a regular basis. Door components can wear out and lose their functionality if they are not replaced in time.